Fugaku is made in Japan, blades, handle of the 3D knife, Carpentry tools, Garden Tools, Cooking Tools, Tailor’s Shears, Mikikajiya-Mura brand



Tsunesaburo Co.
The story of Tsunesaburo Co. begins with founder Tsunezo Uozumi’s grandfather. At the age of 13, Tsunezo’s grandfather began an apprenticeship under master swordsmith Utaro Kurokawa who had transitioned from making swords to forging plane blades. Tsunezo’s grandfather mastered these techniques, and over the course of 28 years, passed all his skills and knowledge on to his grandson. In 1947 (Showa 22) Tsunezo Uozumi founded Tsunesaburo Plane Manufacturing Company. Tsunesaburo Co. continues its dual approach towards innovation: utilizing the latest steel forging technologies on one hand, while on the other, adhering to the original sword making techniques introduced by Kurokawa.