Fugaku is made in Japan, blades, handle of the 3D knife, Carpentry tools, Garden Tools, Cooking Tools, Tailor’s Shears, Mikikajiya-Mura brand



Free-Form Forged “Tosa Blades”
According to ancient historical records of Tosa (the Chosokabe Chikencho), in the year 1590 there were 399 blacksmiths producing tools in this region of Shikoku. Tosa forged blades boomed during the early Edo period in the Tosa clan, under the Reformation of Genna which occurred in 1621. During the reformation, people of Tosa carried out projects such as procuring lumber and promoting the development of rice fields, which increased the demand for high quality agricultural and forestry tools. In modern day Tosa (an area centered around Kochi prefecture), blacksmiths utilize some machinery in the forging process but retain the skills and traditions passed down from the Edo period.