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Nihonzuru (Japanese crane) White oak dai

The blade is made from Yasuki super blue steel. The amount of carbon and tungsten in the blue steel has been increased, and by adding molybdenum the cutting edge has been even further improved.

A masterpiece forged completely by hand with true craftsmanship! The blade is created utilizing the same methods to create the tsuba (sword guard) for a Japanese sword. After making a light sketch on the blade, several holes are drilled with a tiny 1.2 mm drill and then the patterns are cut out with a jeweler’s saw. It takes two hours per day, and a total of 40 days to cut out the whole design. For the final touches, a file is used to smooth each and every surface, and the eye of the crane is coated with brass. The whole plane takes 50 days to complete. The blade is made from the highest quality Yasuki super blue steel, which creates an unbelievably sharp and long lasting blade ideal for both soft and hard woods. Whether displayed as a collector’s piece or used daily in the shop, Nihonzuru is a work of art that balances ultimate performance with elegant aesthetics.

*Winner of the Miki Hardware Award in 2008 (Heisei 20)

Size Plane blade: 70 mm
Dai: 9sun 5bu= 288 mm
Spec Yasuki super blue steel blade,white oak dai with Paulownia wood box.

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