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TS129 Kami No Utsuwa

Extra thin Dozuki saws made by Razorsaw. The blade is made with SK4 steel, and it’s only 0.15mm thick. Regular Dozuki saws made by Razorsaw are 0.3mm thick, so Kami No Utsuwa is only half that thick. The handle is made out of natural white oak with no varnish. You can make both rip cut and cross cut and cut wood up to 40mm thick. The cutting surface is extra clean, so it is recommended for wood craft that requires extra clean cuts. Recommended for people with long wood working experience. Great for cutting cedar and Japanese cypress. Spare blades are available.

Art. no. TS129
Overall Length 400mm
Blade Length 180mm
Blade Thickness 0.15mm
Cutting width 0.25mm
Weight 150g

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