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Mikikajiya-Mura brand Kuri-knife “Sakura” w/ lacquer coated sheath

Cherry blossom design

An original product produced by Miki Kajiyamura. The sheath is decorated by utilizing a technique called byakudan. The basic design is applied to the sheath with maki-e (Japanese lacquer sprinkled with gold), and later gets coated with another layer of lacquer to bring out the design. Over time, the lacquer will increase its transparency and display an elegant beauty. The blade is made from multi-layered Yasuki blue steel #2 that has been folded into 10 layers. The refined cutting edge and beautiful lacquer finish will bring true joy to its user. 

A kuri knife is used for crafting bamboo or carving details on wood.

Blade length 105mm
Overall length 220mm
Weight 200g
Blade Multi-layered Yasuki blue steel #2 (10 layer). This knife comes with a lacquer coated sheath (Yamanaka style, cherry blossom design), and a tool bag.

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