Fugaku is made in Japan, blades, handle of the 3D knife, Carpentry tools, Garden Tools, Cooking Tools, Tailor’s Shears, Mikikajiya-Mura brand


Dozuki Super Hard

Dozuki Super Hard

It’s a Dozuki saw with crosscut teeth and a 0.3mm thin blade.  Great for craft work and finishing work.  The blade is firmly attached to the handle with a full back metal.  The tip of the blade is curved for cutting a hole on a flat surface.  You can cut materials up to 35-40mm thick.  For crosscut, carpentry work, wood crafts, and making furniture and musical instruments.  You can use it to cut materials including MDF panels, ply wood, general timber, Formica laminate, laminated wood, and particle board (OSB).

Art. no. 110
Blade Length 240mm
Blade Thickness 0.3mm
Teeth Pitch 1.5mm

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